The best coffee machine deals of Prime Day start from just £15 – but here are some better ones

Super cheap coffee machines of every type for Amazon Prime Day caffeine fiends

The best coffee machine deals of Prime Day
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Coffee machines are always among the most popular Prime Day deals. Luckily, there is a small mountain of some really good coffee makers for lovers of espresso, Nespresso and everything in between. There's a wide range of makes and models to choose from, including the sought-after likes of Sage, Delonghi and Nespresso. We've selected the best coffee machine deals to suit all levels of budget. The discounts are as tasty and invigorating as… I don't know, a big cup of coffee or something.

Even if you've already got a coffee machine it's well worth upgrading to a newer model. Pick one of the machines below and you'll benefit from lots of features and functions and, naturally, be able to enjoy great tasting coffee too. These are just a few of the best Prime Day deals running right now. So what are you waiting for? View all the Amazon Prime Day coffee machine deals (opens in new tab) at Amazon UK now.

Amazon Prime Day's best coffee machine deals 

Morphy Richards Coffee On The Go £15, was £27 (opens in new tab)

Morphy Richards Coffee On The Go £15, was £27 (opens in new tab)
Wait… a coffee machine for £15? Yes, and while we have never used this one, there is no reason why it shouldn't make perfectly good coffee, since it is a filter machine rather than some dodgy pod crap. As the name and look suggests, this makes exactly one thermal mug-full of coffee, which you then take to work. With £12 off, it is probably the cheapest non-pod machine we've ever seen. 

Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine by Sage: £260.99, was £479.99 – save £218.86 (opens in new tab)

Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine by Sage: £260.99, was £479.99 – save £218.86
(opens in new tab)Enjoy great coffee in no time, along with a substantial discount, thanks to this awesome machine. There’s a 3 second heat-up time – so no waiting – and the Nespresso system delivers consistently excellent results time after time.  The real selling point here is the steam wand, which is able to intelligently serve up the exact temperature and density of milk you require for your flat white, cappuccino or latte, without you needing to do anything.

Sage Barista Express: £407, was £630 (opens in new tab)

Sage Barista Express: £407, was £630 (opens in new tab)
This is a great price on one of the very best coffee machines you can buy. It looks and performs like a pro espresso machine – albeit scaled down – but fits in any reasonably well-proportioned kitchen and is easy to use, with only a little practice. Dose-control grinding, a smart water pressure system, digital temperature control mean perfect coffee every time. The steam wand for texturing and heating your milk for cappuccinos and lattes is also very good.

  • There are also great deals on the Sage Bambino (opens in new tab), an exceptional compact espresso machine, now just £200 (40% off) and also the Sage Dose Control Pro (opens in new tab) which is 55% off RRP at just £93. That's an exceptional deal, as it is just about the most sophisticated coffee grinder for home use that we've ever come across.
De'Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine: £260, was £500 – save £240 (opens in new tab)

De'Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine: £260, was £500 – save £240 (opens in new tab)
This dreamy De’Longhi machine is a bean-to-cup, so you get a coffee grinder and a milk frother built in. It's highly customisable in terms of grind and dose, to produce your preferred beverage just as you like it. The 1.8-litre water tank is suitably large and the cleaning and descaling programmes make maintenance fairly straightforward.

Nespresso Vertuo Next: £89.99, was £174.99 – save £85 (opens in new tab)

Nespresso Vertuo Next: £89.99, was £174.99 – save £85
(opens in new tab)This deal comes around quite regularly, but it's still a good deal. Now nearly half price, this third-gen Nespresso machine from Magimix is wonderfully easy to use, comes with a 1.1 litre water tank and works using larger capsules than the smaller ones found in machines of yore, so you can enjoy a mug of coffee, rather than a thimble. 

KRUPS Arabica Digital EA817040 Automatic Coffee Machine: £278.99, was £549.99 – save £262 (opens in new tab)

KRUPS Arabica Digital EA817040 Automatic Coffee Machine: £278.99, was £549.99 – save £262 (opens in new tab)
This awesome Krups machine features a chunky discount and offers bean to cup convenience at an unusually low price. There’s a 1.7 litre water tank, a 250g bean container feeding into the grinder and an intuitive control panel with LCD screen. Three grinding levels means it should provide espresso to suit most tastes. 

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