'Invisible Fitness Room' home gym equipment range hides in plain sight

Now you see me, now you don't.

Domyos Invisible Fitness Room by Decathlon
(Image credit: Decathlon)

Resistance training workouts are a brilliant way to keep fit at home, but putting all your home gym equipment out of sight once you're done with your session can be a bit of a faff. Fitness equipment retailer Decathlon aims to solve this issue with its latest innovation, the Invisible Fitness Room, which hides all your fitness gear by leaving them in plain sight.

Revealed recently at Decathlon's aptly-named Reveal Innovation (opens in new tab) event (links to event's page), the Domyos Invisible Fitness Room (Domyos is Decathlon's own fitness brand) consists of a fitness mat, dumbbells and gym ball that can now be integrated stylishly and inconspicuously into your living room interior. Watch the video below to see how the system works:

As you can see, the Invisible Fitness Room isn't designed for people who prefer to lift heavy; it's better suited for cardio and core workouts that can be done in 10 minutes. 'What's the point, then?' you might ask, and we'd reply by saying that the Invisible Fitness Room eliminates the barrier that prevents you from doing a quick workout, namely setting up the workout space. 

By letting you keep gym equipment out in the open, Decathlon's system allows you to pick the weights up and cram in a fast abs workout in the middle of the day. No need the get the mat out of the cupboard; it's already there. The Invisible Fitness Room makes home workouts more convenient than using adjustable dumbbells or resistance bands. However, resistance bands could be easily added to the mix, should you prefer to use them.

Prices are yet to be confirmed by Decathlon, but considering the retailer isn't famous for its sky-high prices, we can safely assume the Invisible Fitness Room will be affordable enough. Availability will be at the start of the SS23 season, likely at the end of March/beginning of April 2023.

Matt Kollat
Fitness Editor

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