Rules & Regulations for Students

Attendance: Regular attendance is a must

If any student is absent from class, he/she, accompanied by his/her guardian will have to see the respective teacher. If any student falls sick and can not attend class for more than three consecutive days, the guardian would please submit with medical certificate to the college authority. All other reasonable and necessary information will have to be provide to the class teacher. Every student will have to attend class for 90% of total working days and any student who fails to do may do not be allowed to take part in the term examination. Every student is fined a definite of amount of money for absence for every in single day.

College Dairy

College diary is very important for every student. It is a media to develop a bond between the guardians and the college. Every class teacher using dairy can inform every guardian pf the progress, moral character, conduct and attendance of student. As a result guardians would be able to take proper step and care of their children. The guardians would please check whether any necessary information given in the diary and sign it accordingly.

Parents Day

In every academic year three parents meetings are called and every meeting is held 15 days before each term. Besides the guardians are allowed to meet every subject teacher with a view to learning about the progresses of their children and exchanging views with teachers. Holding free and relevant discussion is helpful to take proper step and implement it. As a result the teachers and the guardians assessing the teaching standard can jointly prepare the students for brighter result.

Academic Calendar

At the beginning of every academic year, academic calendar, containing educational activities, schedules of various programmes, list of holidays, schedules of all terms, date of parents meeting are prepared and given to the guardians.

Teaching Environment

Calm and quiet atmosphere exists in both library and class room. The students have to abide by discipline as long as class continues.

Visiting Time

The guardians are not allowed to see any student during class hour if no emergency situation arises. If any student falls sick, he/she is provided with primary treatment and his/her guardian is informed accordingly. All guardians are allowed to see the teachers on every Thursday.

Co-Curricular Activities

Regular cultural practice helps a students to become talented and smart with significant mental development. The authority holds regular cultural programme, special programme on national and important days.


Excursion or study tour is arranged for the students every year.

TC(Transfer Certificate)

A student will have to submit an application signed by his/her guardian to the office for transfer certificate. The he/she has to apply to the education Board, Dhaka for T.C in due time. After having permission, a student may to wait for 2-3 days to get all clearance. TC issued when up to date tuition fees and all dues are cleared.


College magazine titled ‘SPANDAN’ is published every year with a view to developing the latent of the students.


There is a modern, air-conditioned and well furnished library in the college. The students can borrow book using their library cards. Besides the students can read in the library during their off period.


The college has a modern laboratory having the latest scientific apparatus for physics, chemistry, biology & computer studies and office management practical classes.

Residential facilities

The college has a well furnished residential hostel where the Adibashi (Indigenous) students from hill districts stay according to their merit order. The hostel is supervised and guided by a hostel supper, a Buddhist spiritual person and four house tutors.


It is obligatory for all students to bring balanced Tiffin and pure drinking water.

Dress Boys & Girls 

Boys: During the Summer Season light off White(Cotton) T-shirt, Bottle green colour full pant, and tie, black belt, black normal shoe and White sock. During the Winter Season Off White (Cotton) Full shirt, bottle green colourful pant, bottle green colour tie, black belt, Sweater of bottle green colour during winter.

Girls: During the Summer Season Off White(Cotton) Kamiz, bottle green Salwar, bottle green cross belt, bottle green belt, black normal shoe and white sock. During the Winter Season cardigan of bottle green will be applicable along with the dress of the Summer Season.