Mirpur residential region occupies the most charming and beautiful space in the well planned and luxurious Dhaka city. It has turned into a glorious symbol of modern civilization because of being decorated with Shre-E-Bangla National Stadium, National Zoo, Mirpur Indoor Stadium, a lot of various established institutions, Mosques, Monastery etc. Banophool Adibashi Green Heart College was established in the holy place of Lord Buddha Mirpur-13 in 2004. The college has been playing a significant role to build up a worthy human source through friendly combination of tender aged students from three hill tracts districts and the children of good inhabitants of Mirpur in a non communal and homely atmosphere by didn’t of hard labour, merit and sincerity of 111 experienced Teachers, including the Rector and the Principal under the great leadership of Ven. Prajnananda Mahathera, the chairman of Parbatya Boudha Sangha. The academic activities of the college with new creative method for teaching are performed. As a result the number of students from play group to class XII in both Bangla Medium and English version is about to rise to three thousands. We are looking forward to welcoming your children as our students for the academic session 2019 in the spacious and beautiful complex of Banophool Adibashi Green Heart College. We are totally committed, “If you give us you children, we will build them up.”

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